iPhone OS4 beta 4 details

Image via MacRumors Forum

So I just updated (upgraded?) to iPhone OS4 beta 4, and there are a few new details.

When the phone is turned on the first time, Clock, Calculator, and Voice Memo’s is automatically in a ‘Utilities’ folder.
There are about 18 new wallpapers (some from iPad, some totally new)
It may be just me going crazy, but it seems the Weather icon is somewhat updated
In Maps, the GPS/find me button is now the icon that’s in the status bar when an app is using your location (I’m pretty sure it’s new)
The tab bar in Photo’s that has Faces, Albums, Map, etc, looks like it’s gone.
People with iPhone 3G’s still can’t change the wallpaper (on the springboard) I mean, seriously Apple, it’s not that hard.
Muuuuuuuch more snappier, for me at least.

That seems to be all, folks. For now, that is. Some screenshots after the break.

The new button in Maps

Some of the new wallpapers available.